NFT Parties

The first NFT party was organized on August 26, 2021, after a tweet saying, “What if all these guys meet at the party?”. Thanks to the friendly NFT community, we gathered many collections into one illustration, bringing us closer. 
Since then, the parties are held regularly. Maybe we’ll meet you at the next one!

NFT Paris Party

Chain: Ethereum (ERC-1155)
Edition: 33

GM Party

Cozy Good Morning party with friends.

Not minted

Christmas Party 2023

Xmas party, requested by friends on X.

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 34

NFT Beach Party

Special NFT Beach Party, requested on twitter.

Not minted

Ramenteria GM

Requested only by Ilya Kazakov collectors, on discord and minted as OE on manifold

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 75

Easter Party

Special Easter Party, requested by NFT collectors on twitter.

Not minted

Trick or Tread Gang

Special Halloween Party, requested by NFT collectors on twitter.

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 1
Marketplace: Foundation

Place bid from 0.33 ETH

Art Basel Miami 2021

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 1

Sold for 0.2 ETH

NFT Autumn Party

Not minted

NFT Party. NYC 2022

I can't come to NY this year for NFT.NYC, but I can draw like I'm there. Thanks to everyone who came to my imaginary NFT party. Hope to see you IRL one day.

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 1

Sold for 2.156 ETH

The work was shown during the presentation with Founders of NFT.NYC

Chum Chums 80s

Commissioned work for ChumChums holders

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 10

NFT Party. Chinese New Year

Special Party for Chinese New Year — 新年快乐!

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 1

Sold for 0.448 ETH and on secondary for 1 ETH

NFT Friendship

No more battles, only love and peace! 

Not minted

NFT Party. Xmas

Cozy Christmas party for guests, who won a raffle on secret discord channel.

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 12

NFT Party. Halloween

Private Halloween themed party for 100 partygoers and 5 special guests.

All 105 participants received the final illustration on October 31, 2021.

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 105

NFT Battle

Requested by NFT holders on twitter.

Not minted

NFT Party

Project was born after this tweet, where I drew an imaginary party with my favorite NFT-characters and collections, but unexpectedly people began to write that they also wanted to get to this party, so the final illustration increased 4 times...

Chain: Ethereum
Edition: 1

Each part of an illustration was minted on Foundation and sold for a total of 5.1 ETH to different collectors. 
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