Little Friends

A collection of 300 unique characters who were born from the ashes of the burned OE token.

After I dropped my first Open Edition through Manifold, I was surprised that the token was minted 12,904 times. Following this, it was decided to continue the project, allowing those who received the token to burn it in exchange for a unique character.

This is how I felt during the Burning month (February 2023)
This is how the Little Friends collection was born, 300 unique characters were made that could be obtained by burning OE tokens.
It has been a long and difficult journey, those who have experienced creating burn pages on the manifold (300 burn pages were created) will understand me. 

For a whole month (from February 1 to March 1), more than 7000 tokens were burned, 300 unique characters were obtained for 850 owners, which is about 3900 items.

The collection consists of 210 Common, 54 Rare, 20 Super Rare, 10 Legendary, 5 Epic, and 1 Mystical. The minting of tokens was only time-limited, so some were minted more than others, making some rarer as a result.


Additional Illustrations with Little Friends


Created: January 28, 2023
Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC-1155)
Project page on Notion
Collection on Opensea

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