Express illustration
only for $15

Almost every day I have time to draw something new and fun, so this project was born. I can draw an illustration that is suitable for personal use in the form:

birthday postcardspost previewtelegram stickersuserpics

or just for fun.

This is an express illustration - there are no sketches, no edits, no deadlines, only the final result. Each picture costs is $15. Payment is considered as donation and is not refundable. For the money I’ll buy myself some gadget or throw a party.

Image size: 1000х1000px, PNG.
The picture will be ready the next business day if ordered before 3PM.

— Maximum 3 personages in one illustration.
— For personal use only.
— The author may refuse to illustrate the idea if it contains bullying, cruelty, etc.

How to order?

1. Go to paypal:

2. Write your idea in form «Add note». Examples:

— Sticker for telegram with small sad avocado.

— Postcard for birthday with fat ginger cat and text «Happy Birthday, John!»

— Userpic as crocodile in a hat.

3. The original image will be sent to your mail specified in paypal account.